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Welcome to LaVegano

Greetings! Welcome to the World of LaVegano! LaVegano LLC (“LaVegano”) is a vegetarian catering company serving the Atlanta area. Our custom menus are inspired by the seasons and a variety of world cuisines. LaVegano is an Italian word meaning “vegan food” and envisions contributing to a healthy world through plant-based cuisine. We offer a diversity of vegetarian and vegan cuisine with an array of colorful, bright, and full-flavored choices. Owned and operated by Antonio Cunningham, a trained chef from the Culinary Institute of Las Vegas with over 30 years of experience in hospitality and food industry, the benefits of his choosing a plant-based vegan lifestyle fueled his passion to begin this journey and share it with the world. As we continue to come together as a community doing our best to stay safe, healthy, and committed to battling COVID-19, we still aim to make our customers happy and satisfied. The challenges faced during this pandemic will not deter LaVegano from helping you to maintain the healthiest of diets and lifestyle through meal prep, planning, and portion control. During this time, LaVegano will be donating two specialty baskets. One from our Summer Collection and one from our specially designed LaVegano Signature Baskets. We can create any type of basket for our clients. Our menu items are of the healthiest quality and are inspired by different countries’ specialties and their appeal to a diverse clientele. Serving a variety of international flavors (African, Mediterranean, Soul Food, and Japanese) we strive to meet the needs of special diets by offering gluten-free, raw, and macrobiotic selections. We take great care to avoid any traces of gluten as we recognize the severity of celiac disease. We are committed to using special equipment for these offerings. Our dessert line is baked in-house to ensure freshness and features a wide range of vegan and gluten-free dessert options. Catering is a major part of LaVegano, for in today’s hectic work environment, customers do not always have time to plan events. In addition to our specialized menu, we offer full catering services providing everything from table settings to the desert. We cater everything from small dinners to corporate parties, holiday parties, and weddings, offering themed events for up to 500 people. We provide a warm atmosphere in which to enjoy creative and globally inspired dishes. Our friendly staff promptly delivers our delicious food to your location for any occasion. Our management team is comprised of individuals whose backgrounds consist of 30 years experience in restaurant arenas. We hope that you will consider our services and enjoy an exceptional experience with us. Our aim is to please every customer. Best Regards, Antonio Cunningham, Founder LaVegano LLC